About VIP

At VIP, our success comes from our employees. We seek talented individuals who have a passion for renewable energy and are willing to adhere to the core values that make VIP unique.

Our Values

Our values create the foundation from which we are able to build a world class renewable development company. We are constantly seeking talented individuals who exhibit the following values for themselves:



VIP is a team of thinkers and creative entrepreneurs who plan the future with imagination and wisdom. We operate as a collaborative team to first identify risks and then create realistic plans to mitigate those risks to continue development.



The VIP team has strong moral principles and operates with transparency and honesty. We maintain the highest standards of professional character while delivering above and beyond on each project.



VIP seeks to be the catalyst for change and continued innovation by working with entrepreneurs who desire a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. VIP is proud to be part of the quest to decarbonize our planet.



Our time spent to deliver results is precious. At VIP we value each other’s time and that of our stakeholders. We emphasize responsiveness to all parties by meeting or beating deadlines 100% of the time.

Company Benefits

Competitive Compensation

At VIP, we offer competitive compensation commensurate with your talent and experience. We feel that this is critical for hiring the best talent in the industry.


We have partnered with ADP to offer our employees benefits not typically found at a startup. Our benefits are as good or better than most large renewable energy development companies, and include major-carrier Medical, Dental, Vision, STD & LTD, and Life Insurance plans.

Time Off

We have a time off policy that is first in class in the industry. Our employees are the lynchpin of our success and they give 100% every day to achieve our goals. We encourage and allow time off when needed without restrictions on number of days or tenure within the company.

Team Events

In a world where hybrid or permanent remote work is becoming the norm, we at VIP embrace the opportunity to gather as a team and bond through informal after-hours gatherings at local establishments. We also believe it’s critical to gather a few times a year for all-hands, organized off-site events.

Career Opportunities

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    Valor Infrastructure Partners, LLC
    3300 PGA Boulevard, Suite 500
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