Finding The Right Development Partner

Selecting the right development partner to lease your land for an energy project is one of the most important long-term decisions you can make as a landowner. VIP seeks to build trust with landowners over time, with the goal of partnering long-term to develop clean and reliable energy generation. In addition to partnering with landowners, we also work directly with local officials and community stakeholders to develop a renewable energy project you and your family will be proud of for years to come!

Benefits of Leasing Land

Sustainable Returns

Higher annual revenue per acre compared to typical agricultural usage for our landowners.

Community Support

Projects contribute tax revenue to the local community, without adding a cost burden to police, schools and other services.

Energy Independence

Domestically produced renewable energy helps the U.S. remain energy independent and less reliant on imported sources.

Financial Stability

Lease revenue provides a hedge against volatile agricultural and fuel input prices.

Land Preservation

Land is kept whole and can be passed down for generations.

Environmental Stewardship

Supporting renewable energy will help reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the land for future generations.

VIP Development & Prospecting Map

The Process

VIP respects your time and relies on an efficient process for developing projects. You can expect the following steps from us with respect to becoming one of our land partners:


Initial Evaluation & Contract Signing

Land and nearby transmission infrastructure is evaluated for ideal renewable development. We work with landowners to discuss the potential for project development on their property and work towards signing an agreement.


Studies & Planning

Detailed studies are conducted to determine site suitability and refine project design. VIP engages with local communities and elected officials while pursuing all permits and agreements required for development.



Construction activities begin, running 12 to 24 months depending on project size and other factors. Our developers work diligently to keep local stakeholders updated on progress, while addressing any feedback from the community.



Thousands of homes worth of electricity is delivered to the regional grid for the next few decades. The project team will continue to value the relationships we have forged with our landowners and the local community while maintaining and operating the project in a responsible manner.

Contact Us

Interested in leasing your land for renewable energy? Please get in touch with a member of our Land Team with the Contact Us form.


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    Valor Infrastructure Partners, LLC
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