"Hire People That Look Around Corners That You Are Not"

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Mike Weich, and he is the CEO of Valor Infrastructure Partners.

Mike lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with his family. Mike is a West Point Grad, MBA from Duke University. Was an Officer in the Army, made it to the rank of Captain.

After that he started a very impressive executive career as an assistant VP at Bank of America, transitioned to renewable energy resources industry and then a VP of M&A business development in that field until founding Valor Infrastructure Partners, which develops renewable generation in the US.

In this episode, Mike shares with us the importance of developing a proper relationship with your people, but being careful to have that healthy boundary.

Mike then takes us into his leadership style, which is becoming a master at “situational leadership”. Being able to adjust your leadership style dependent on the needs of the individual you are coaching.

The last major topic Mike expands on is the criticality of not falling subject to “similarity bias”, which is hiring “YES’ people and people that are like them. Ensuring that you have a breadth of leadership skillsets and surround yourself with people that will challenge you and the status quo.

“Hire people that are looking around the corners you are not”.

Some awesome info in this episode, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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