At VIP our people are our greatest asset. Our success comes from our employees, and we value the contributions they provide daily. To show our appreciation, we have a series of Employee Spotlights where we highlight those employees at VIP that exemplify the culture and values we hold. For our next Employee Spotlight, we have Anthony Rotar, Development Project Manager, answer some questions about himself and provide perspective on the importance of project development for renewable projects.

VIP: Anthony, thanks for participating in VIP’s Employee Spotlight! Please tell us about yourself. 

Anthony: I appreciate you having me! I’m a new Project Manager here at VIP, moving into the renewables industry after 12-years in the US Army. Currently, I am mostly focused on learning as much as I can from all the experience we have at the company and assisting with managing our ERCOT pipeline.  

VIP: How did you hear about VIP? 

Anthony: I was fortunate enough to be put into contact with our CEO, Mike Weich, shortly after VIP officially launched. Mike put me in touch with the other founders, COO Daryl Hart and CCO Ivan Zyla, and through the three of them I really got to find out about VIP and what they are trying to build. 

VIP: How did you get into the renewable industry? 

Anthony: As I was preparing to transition from the military to the private sector, I was looking for a career that would match my personal values and passions with the skill set I developed while serving. As I spoke to people both in and outside of the industry, it became clear that the renewables industry was where those two met. 

VIP: What does the ideal renewable company culture look like?  

Anthony: Being new to the industry, I can’t speak much to the ideal renewable company culture. For me, the ideal company culture is one that has a clear mission and values and invests in its people professionally and personally.

VIP: What goals do you have for your role as a Project Manager at VIP? 

Anthony: As a PM here at VIP, my goals are to learn as much as I can in the early stage of my career, contribute to building our project pipeline in Texas, and adding as much value in any way I can to the company. Eventually, I’d like to be able to take on more responsibilities and leadership as I grow with the team. 

VIP: What are the key attributes of a great renewable energy project developer? 

Anthony: if I had to pick my top 3, I would say communication, work ethic, and humility. You are constantly communicating with people internal to the organization, consultants, landowners, communities, etc. so being able to communicate professionally and efficiently is critical. I think work ethic is also huge. Being able to just put your head down and complete tasks in a timely manner and fight through problems as they arise, even if they’re not fully in your job description, helps the whole team be successful. Humility is the most important thing to me.  Being able to put your ego aside and accept that you don’t always know the answer to a question or understand something is the only way to grow and be successful.  

VIP: What resources are critical for you to successfully accomplish your goals? 

Anthony: I feel like I’ve hit on it a lot, but the resources I lean on most are the other members of the team. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and are really invested in my success, from everyone on the land team being willing to host me in the field, to having access to the three founders of the company for high level discussion on business leadership and development to the mentorship, training, and leadership our Director of Development Kristie McChord provides, the people at VIP are more critical to my success than any other tool or resource may be.  

VIP: What were some of the biggest factors in deciding to join VIP? 

Anthony: The two biggest factors that ultimately swayed my decision to join VIP are the defined and stated values that drive the company and the amazing culture that the team really cares a lot about fostering and building. It’s great to be a part of a company that prides itself on having unwavering honesty and integrity in everything we do. And I can’t say it enough, but the culture and the people here are absolutely amazing. 

VIP: Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, last one: what do you like to do for fun when you’re not working? 

Anthony: When I’m not working, I like to get outside with my girlfriend Christine and hike, camp, bike, and climb as much as possible.